Consulting Services

We are fully capable of streamlining the construction process and drive build schedules to meet the deadline on time. We inspect and perform quality control of all aspects of the project, including materials, documents, and workmanship to ensure conformance to the plans, specifications, and applicable standards. We can manage all or part of the cost of planning, design, and construction process to remain within the budget, including cost reporting & breakouts, pay requests, cash flow analysis, and change orders.

Construction Design Services.

Construction Design is the crucial process by which the broad strokes of the scheme design created during the planning and sketch design stages are developed into a coherent, detailed, and technically compliant information package.

Construction Design is where spaces and layouts become a precise set of drawings, schedules, and specifications, which communicate to the builder exactly what things are made of, where they are to be located, and how they work together to make up the building.

Home Improvement Renovations.


Thoughtful planning and attention to detail are the keys to success for any bathroom remodel. Whatever your desires and budget, WCM LLC will evaluate your family’s lifestyle to achieve satisfactory remodeling results.


WCM is the number one choice when it comes to kitchen remodeling. We offer custom kitchen remodeling services, including countertops, kitchen cabinets, lighting, and flooring. Get in touch with us start renovating your kitchen.

Licensed Site Safety Management.

Construction projects can be hazardous. WCM has licensed site safety managers who can help reduce risk, oversee your next construction project, and maintain full compliance with corporate and legislative requirements. We also offer short-term on-site services designed to respond to specific enforcement interventions such as the Ministry of Labor orders or manage the site to establish a level of compliance that can be subsequently managed by periodic project audits.