About Us

WCM LLC is a construction and remodeling company based in Brooklyn, NY. We offer the best construction services, including kitchen and bathroom renovations, accredited site management, construction designing, and construction consulting.

We pride ourselves on our expertise in kitchen and bathroom remodeling. Our team also includes certified site management professionals who add to our credibility. We can work on any residential construction and remodeling project with efficiency and productivity.

Furthermore, WCM breaks barriers by being a woman owned and operated business in a male dominated industry. We are only focused on one goal: connecting with our clients on a deep level and bringing their dream projects to life.


WCM LLC is a new business, recently incorporated in 2020. We are an expansion of Watkins Property Management which has been in business over a decade.

Our mission has been to cater to your goals regardless of your budget. We want our clients to know that we have their best interest at heart and that money is not a hurdle for us. We have always delivered quality work, no matter which client we served.

Our Core Values.

These values define WCM’s commitment to excellent customer service.

Maintaining Integrity.

Integrity comes first on our list of priorities. We believe that we have to maintain respect and build trust with our clients to have a shot at running a good business. When you work with us, you see us practicing these beliefs to ensure a fantastic customer experience.

Driven by purpose.

Our goal of delivering excellence is what drives us every day. We are focused on servicing your needs to the best of our abilities, and that is enough to make us get up in the morning and put in the work.

Solving Problems.

A construction project is riddled with problems. There is always a risk involved, and costs can go beyond the budget of the client. Thankfully, we have the experience to deal with such issues. Problem-solving allows us to overcome difficulties and ensure timely project delivery.